Warning to the American Citizen

A repeat of the tactics used by the Illuminati during the French revolution are in full swing! Provoking a catastrophe by  hiding the food, blame the leaders, cause fear and panic, and then jump in with a satanic lead solution.

I’ve already exposed these tactics in my Words to the Wise 1 and 2 articles but this serves as a brief reminder to watch carefully for these events.

:Rising food prices, Commodities becoming rarer and costlier, Technology with bar codes on the rise (precursor to the chip of the beast being the only means to buy or sell,)

A catastrophe,such as a bomb, meteor, drought, or a financial crash that will cause panic and allow martial law to be installed. (Tanks, trucks, hummers are being reported all across American cities and millions of rounds of ammunition bought by the government. They are also targeting the arms of the citizens so they won’t be used against the army when they begin their martial law. Concentration camps are already in place, airplane hangars are being transformed into detention and execution facilities.) Police are being trained in urban combat. Retired military specialists ( those considered potential threats,) are being hunted and killed. It sounds so surreal but it’s that sinister!!  Remember, the author of true Evil is the head of this insurrection!

Another ghastly tactic of God’s adversary will be the persecution of Christians and Jews!

Should you be scared? No, unless you don’t have Jesus, then you should be terrified! You will be caught up in the turmoil and end up enlisted in the devil’s army and doomed to eternal pain and torture.

Should you be prepared? Definitely! A source of growing and keeping food essentials is primordial and a way of keeping it concealed. Because of the food hiding tactic, laws have been passed to keep the citizen from growing his own food!

The acquisition of a meal could cost you your soul!! You will have to take the chip ( The mark of the Beast) to eat, or drive, or pay bills. But God said anyone taking the mark of the Beast will be condemned without reprieve and will be hated by God!

I’m sorry  that I’ve been called upon to report such negativity, but these are the times we live in unfortunately!

And ignorance is bliss until you get caught up in evil!

A man forewarned is a man forearmed!


About djhtruth

Born in Detroit Michigan in 1954, I became a very good pro basketball player before turning my talents toward, coaching, singing, and writing.
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