The reckoning-The beginning of the beginning

Jesus' Return

Warning, change or pay the consequences!
George Washington dedicated the United States of America to God in 1789, in speech (his inaugural address at the Federal Hall) and then in prayer, at St Paul’s Chapel. There is a statue of George Washington kneeling in prayer in this chapel in Lower Manhattan, New York City. That’s right New York City was the nations first capital. Washington’s District of Columbia has nothing to do with the American people, but that’s another story. This chapel, St Paul’s is located at GROUND ZERO!

He (President Washington) stated in his acceptance speech ” We ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained.” He was right!

Incredibly the United States of America, the most powerful military force on this planet allowed several enemy attacks to occur on its own soil of tremendous proportions. People to this day wonder how?!!

This is totally unfeasible, how could, with all of our hyper-advanced Intel, communication, military, and technological prowess, a band of renegades attack our financial center and more incredulously, The Pentagon, our military headquarters?

The reason they were successful is because of the mastermind behind the attacks. GOD!!
He used them to exact his judgement.

Solomon dedicated the Jewish Temple on the Mount to God. When the Israeli people consistently departed from his decrees and laws, judgement was meted out progressively by the Creator of the universe. The first harbinger ( a foreshadow of judgement to come) was when a small group of bandits were allowed to penetrate the potent Jewish army defenses on their borders to wreak havoc, rape, pillage, and plunder and do whatever they wanted. The puissant Jewish Army that destroyed so many cities, conquered so many city-states, and defeated countless kings, allowed a band of thieves to infiltrate their territory and kill, steal, and destroy. Or did they? There is a pattern. God’s first warning is to allow the national hedge of security to be broken and then if the people do not repent gradually more severe consequences are imposed.

When the Jewish people didn’t recognize or heed this warning and persisted in evil, the next judgement took place, they were totally decimated, The Temple on the Mount, reduced to rubble, and the remnant were enslaved and carried off to other countries! (This is an example of Celestial Jurisprudence.)

In parallel, our defenses were infiltrated previously. The Twin Towers were the object of a feeble attack some years before, where they not? Was this warning heeded or even recognized? The answer is no. The Temple of America was then reduced to cinders and dust. Why do I call it a temple? I do so because money has become America’s god and has been for decades now.

God, in choosing the Jewish as his earthly people intended to show the world through Israel, who he is and how he wants us to live. He has demonstrated the blessings, victory, and power a country could experience when they dedicate their lives to him. He has also shown throughout history the punishment that accompanies disobedience, evil deeds, and the revolt from his principles established on love and good!

The United States is receiving the same treatment as Israel. Because of our relationship with Israel as friend and protector, we are being dealt with exactly like God treats and has treated Israel. These attacks do not happen haphazardly, nor are the dates chosen at sporadic random. They happen during the Jewish feast called “The Shemitah.” Should the country not choose to change back to the days when The Pledge of Allegiance and prayer were allowed in school, when one could use the name Jesus comfortably anywhere, on any platform, and Godlike behavior was the norm not the exception, judgment will be given.

God is calling us back to him. The only building not destroyed at Ground Zero was St Paul’s Chapel where the country was consecrated to God. A boulder cracked the foundation of the Federal Hall, (a symbol of our government’s foundation being shaken.) Will we heed the warnings or harden our hearts and persist in cheating, killing, and stealing and amassing wealth at no matter what cost, or will we repent and save our country and our souls?!
“If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven, I will forgive their sins and I will heal their land” 2 Chronicles 7:14

My next post will describe our leaders’ reactions to 9/11, what the” Shemitah” is and what God will do next and when. The similarities with ancient Israel will astound you!


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