Once every two years or so I return to my home country, the USA, to visit my mom and the rest of my family. It does me good to return to my proverbial roots. My wife, who usually comes with me, and I decided to take a little walk in the park. We got in our rent a car and drove about a mile to a community recreation center called Palmer Park. My home is Detroit Michigan, by the way.
Palmer Park is located right in the middle of Northwest Detroit and surrounded by middle class neighborhoods, once exclusively rich, and a very rough section called Highland Park, still exclusively poor. Needless to say crime is prevalent in that area.
So as we parked the car and got out to begin our little promenade I said my usual prayer, commanding the angels to protect our belongings. It was a weird day weather wise. There were only a few clouds in the sky but it was humid enough to suspect the possibility of rain. We noticed one cloud in particular, not very large, but quite black, hovering over the golf course to our left about a mile away from the parking lot. As we began to walk, the wind began making it’s presence known to all within it’s territory. The rain came down in a hurry!
The park has a wooded section about a half a mile long with paths throughout, not too far from where we were. We hurriedly made our way towards this enclave but we never made it. That cloud we noticed earlier covered that mile that separated us in about 30 seconds and stationed itself just above us. The wind howled even more. We increased our pace, seeking refuge in the trees until we came to an abrupt halt…. A twenty foot tree fell on us!! The trunk of the tree was far enough away but we were knocked to the ground by a huge branch about 25 feet in length and 15 feet wide.
After a few seconds of shock, wondering what the heck just happened, I thought about my wife’s safety. I seemed okay. Where was she, was she all right? She had been walking about 15 feet in front of me so I looked in that direction. All I saw were the branches nestled on the ground about 4 feet high, covering the entire sidewalk. I saw my wife’s hand emerge from between the branches. “ Marie-Pierre, ca-va? Are you all right,” I screamed. “Oui, ca-va” she retorted, I’m okay, plus a few choice words we won’t mention here, escaped her mouth. We’ll attribute them to the shock of the moment.
She stood up. I stood up as well. There were amazingly only small scratches on the both of us! Where are my glasses, I thought, they weren’t on my face. I found them neatly folded on a branch right in front of me, the lens were facing me. That’s odd I thought, but they are intact, not a scratch. Wow how lucky! What about my hearing aids? What about them? They must surely be damaged.
I saw the apparatus for the right ear just to the right of me dangling as if it had been placed by hand on the branch right next to my ear. After going to see about my wife, I remembered the other one. I returned to the scene of the crime. There it was, undamaged as well, swinging gently from a branch about a foot from where I was TREED.
The rain and the wind had stopped the minute the tree fell, so we got in the car, grateful to God for our safety when it hit me. I had only prayed for our things! What about our personal safety!! Our lives could be required of us at any moment, in any situation. The angels had perfectly protected our stuff, my wife’s watch and apparel were unharmed as well, but what about us?
Angels are given charge over God’s children and all that pertain to us. We are to command them, for are they not, ministering angels sent to minister unto the sons of God?, all those who have entered his kingdom through the acceptance of his beloved son Yeshua ( Jesus) and his sacrifice, cleansing us, therefore allowing us to come into the presence of he who is totally holy, God the Father. Pray for yourselves, not just your stuff!
I could almost hear God bellowing, guffawing, slapping his knee and then smiling down lovingly on his children. He has a sense of humor too!

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About djhtruth

Born in Detroit Michigan in 1954, I became a very good pro basketball player before turning my talents toward, coaching, singing, and writing.
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