I was in satan’s starting five. I was one of his leading scorers. I scored points from every position, facing the basket, back to the basket, in the key, from behind the three point line, from everywhere. I even scored jumpers from just inside the half court line regularly. I scored tens of thousands of points during my career.
The problem was, when the game was over I would keep on scoring! I would score a little weed, or maybe some hash. I dabbled in a few other light drugs for recreation, like angel dust or mescaline before turning to free basing cocaine and eventually crack. I was in society’s eyes a cool dude. My life however was spiraling downward.
I kept score on how many women I could (slay) as well. I racked up a huge number of rebounds and even assists in that arena too. I was getting even for my nerdy adolescence, when boys called me brain, or professor, and girls wouldn’t even look at me twice.
I was a cool dude but a mess inside.
I was living a life of recreation, on a satanic roll, playing his game, oblivious to the consequences. No, not oblivious, I knew from my grandmothers dragging me to church, the (Bottom line). But I wanted to live a little first!
God traded for me in the nick of time! Had I died sinning constantly, I would have lost the game eternally! He traded his Son’s life and blood for me! He brought me into his team, cleaned me up, gave me a new uniform, a new position, and sat me on his bench.
While on the bench, he gave me a new coach, (THE HOLY SPIRIT), one who would guide me 24/7 and feed me constant scoring opportunities. He gave me a good salary (I would never lack for anything good or necessary again). He told me that no matter what happens, WE will win the championship, not every game, but the title will be ours!
He then thrust me onto the court of life at a new position, that of Point Guard, with instructions to pass to all who were open to hearing the TRUTH!
The earthly game is winding down people. We’re in the fourth quarter. It’s crunch time! When we go into this overtime the victory will already have been decided.
Lucifer is taking his last shots, bombarding the rims with bricks, hoping to drag as many as he can into the loser’s locker room and like the Boston Gardens, there is no AC in there.
We’ve got to block his shots, ( lies, unhealthy fleshly desires, greed, selfishness, violence, coldheartedness, unforgiveness, music loaded with debauchery, mediatic subliminal satanic suggestions, political leaders sworn to his service, and the list is practically endless!
We’ve got to block his shots, jump up and grab the rebounds and fly downcourt and jam in every sense imaginable into Heaven’s rims!
Are you on the winning team? Have you chosen the one where God is the owner, Jesus is the general manager, and the Holy Spirit, the coach? Do it now while you still have time, while you still can. Very soon you will be physically forced into a decision as to which side you will be on and your place of residence for eternity will be chosen.
Come sit on God’s bench with Jesus (seated at the right hand of THE FATHER) and be sent out to score souls for Good! I did!

Dulaine (Sweet D) Harris

p.s. my new video on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suompKyP4Eg

pps. more sports posts here : http://posts.fanbox.com/xxhg5


About djhtruth

Born in Detroit Michigan in 1954, I became a very good pro basketball player before turning my talents toward, coaching, singing, and writing.
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2 Responses to GOD’S SIXTH MAN

  1. djhtruth says:

    When you read this don’t stop at the part where I was doing wrong and gasp and condemn and criticize me,but continue reading and above all understanding, that God forgives each and every one of us if we repent and believe on his Son. Each of our faults and sins, trangressions, may be different but they are all condemnable (yours are not any better or worse than mine) and will deprive us of God’s heaven if we don’t let the sacrifice of Jesus (YESHUA) cleanse us and reconcile us to THE FATHER! Take heart, you can too, just like I did!!

  2. Vernon says:

    Bless you, Son. To God be the glory. It is written, “If you confess your sins, God is fairthful and just to forgive your sins and cleanse you of all unrighteousness.” Thank God for Jesus and the Cross and the Blood He shed ‘TO SAVE YOU AND ME AND ALL WHO WILL SIMPLY BELIEVE. WE ARE ENCOURAGED BY YOUR CLEAR AGREEMENT THAT “WE HAVE ALL SINNED AND COME SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD.” (ROMANS.) HALLELUJAH! JESUS HAS SET US FREE INDEED! AMEN

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