The clock is ticking! Global chess pieces are being ominously, covertly, maliciously, maneuvered into place. The attack is on our freedom, and for many, on our very lives! It is in its last formative stages. A centuries old campaign is drawing to a close! The secret societies, formed by our world leaders, (the Illuminati, The Jesuits, yes even the Catholic Church) have been planning to rape and pillage the world for decades. The New World Order led by Satan’s pawns, disguised as an economic-social restructuring is just a gambit. This, make no mistake, is a spiritual battle! It’s between God and his adversary Satan-Lucifer. It’s a battle for your soul as well as universal dominance. The men playing the key roles, in exchange for worldly goods, prosperity, and power, have pledged their allegiance to the flag of Lucifer, the fallen angel. They will take away your right to own private property, your right to worship freely the religion or God of your choice, the right of freedom of speech, the right to move about freely without being tracked. Even the right to live as you choose will be usurped. The world will be divided into ten regions with seven heads of state. Currencies as we know them will be abolished and replaced with others. (The dollar will be replaced by the Amero for North America-Canada, U.S., and Mexico, already in print for example.) Eventually all currency will be substituted by micro chips and code bars inserted into one’s body, on your forehead or right wrist. This is no joke, it’s real! One world religion will be established and all who refuse will be incarcerated in prison camps already in place and continued resistance or allegiance to the Christian Faith or other non-compliance, will be dealt with by execution! There are Gas chambers in buildings in place in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, some of these buildings. Lord help us, are even shaped like swastikas just waiting to be implemented, waiting for their moments of glory. Auschwitz will live again. Just their existence in plain view shows you how stupid they think we are and just how arrogant these foolish evil people are who ordered them built. If you don’t believe me, check it out on you tube. The world is about to be placed in check. The good news is, those who hear, understand, and join the winning army, will see the enemy checkmated. Jesus will win the battle. Everything has been foretold for ages and the end result described in detail. Tomorrow’s news has been written for centuries. Man is a free moral agent and can choose to believe or not to believe what he wants but we will all have to answer to the Creator for our acts and convictions. I write skeptically, yet sincerely hoping to convince, to sway, yes to save, those who have been fooled by man’s greatest enemy. I pray to save those hoodwinked by The Great Deceiver of nations, charmed by the Father of Lies, bought by the promise of worldly riches, faked out by rhetoric, propaganda, false religions, non-existing deities. or simply lulled to sleep by the distractions of our daily lives (jobs,recreation,families,lusts,entertainment,tv and cinema,etc.) These can all be instruments of destruction unless you know the truth. Many are designed to anesthetize the sheep being led to the slaughter. John D. Rockefeller (Illuminati) wrote in a letter to the heads of the media (…without you none of our plans would succeed…) The media only tells us what these powerful figures want us to know, they keep many of us totally blind to what’s really going on behind the scenes. As Thomas Jefferson wrote “these men in the shadows are our biggest danger.” If I can awaken even a few, I will have done my duty. If I can enlighten many, my soul will rejoice. If you have ears to listen HEAR. Make Jesus (YESHUA)  your Lord, only he can save you, and live in happiness knowing that in spite of all these things that will come to pass, all the evil moves executed on the chessboard of the globe, you will escape and live forever in paradise with him and his family! Not the place reserved for his enemies or for those who refuse to side up with our Creator and Father who deeply loves us all. It is written in our instruction manual “For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son so that whosoever believeth on him will be saved.” ” I would that none would perish” Wake up, look around you, all the knights of darkness are in place, the queens of the enemy in line, and the kings of darkness are just about to announce Check! All the signs are there if you will just look closely enough. Checkmate, however will be ours!


About djhtruth

Born in Detroit Michigan in 1954, I became a very good pro basketball player before turning my talents toward, coaching, singing, and writing.
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